Precision Adapters

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  • Precision coaxial SMA, K, and N adapters
  • DC to 40 GHz K-type frequency range
  • DC to 18 GHz N-type frequency range
  • Low VSWR and insertion loss
  • 50 Ω impedance
Low-loss precision adapters for SMA-, K-, and N-type connections ensure low reflections and optimum performance for minimal measurement error. Phase-equal adapter sets are also available.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
781595-01Phase-Equal Precision Adapter Kit, K-TypeCall$ 2,834.00
781596-01Phase-Equal Precision Adapter Kit, N-TypeCall$ 2,714.00
781597-01Precision Adapter, K-Type, Male-MaleCall$ 654.00
781598-01Precision Adapter, K-Type, Female-FemaleCall$ 618.00
781599-01Precision Adapter, K-Type, Male-FemaleCall$ 654.00
781600-01Precision Adapter, N-Type, Male-MaleCall$ 618.00
781601-01Precision Adapter, N-Type, Female-FemaleCall$ 618.00
781602-01Precision Adapter, N-Type, Male-FemaleCall$ 618.00
781603-01Precision Adapter, N-Type Male to K-Type MaleCall$ 618.00
781604-01Precision Adapter, N-Type Male to K-Type FemaleCall$ 654.00
781605-01Precision Adapter, N-Type Female to K-Type MaleCall$ 618.00
781606-01Precision Adapter, N-Type Female to K-Type FemaleCall$ 738.00

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