NI 5761 14-Bit, 250 MS/s Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO

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  • 4 simultaneously sampled 14-bit channels
  • 500 MHz bandwidth and 250 MS/s sample rate for undersampling signals to the 4th Nyquist zone
  • 8 general-purpose digital I/O channels
  • AC- and DC-coupled versions
  • The NI 5761 requires an NI FlexRIO FPGA module. Check Resources tab for compatible modules
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The NI 5761 adapter module for NI FlexRIO is a broadband high-performance digitizer designed to meet a wide range of signal processing application needs. The module features four analog input channels with 14-bit resolution. With an analog bandwidth of 500 MHz and a sample rate of 250 MS/s, the NI 5761 is ideal for undersampling IF communications signals up to the 4th Nyquist zone. Eight built-in digital I/O lines are suitable for a variety of applications, from implementing custom triggering to control of system upconverters or downconverters.

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Specifications Summary

Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
14-Bit, 250 MS/s Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO
781287-01NI 5761 250 MS/s, Digitizer Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO (AC)12 - 20$ 5,749.00
781287-02NI 5761 250 MS/s, Digitizer Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO (DC)12 - 20$ 5,688.00
Accessories and NI FlexRIO FPGA Modules
781207-01NI PXIe-7965R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX95T, 512MB RAM)5 - 10$ 9,946.00
781206-01NI PXIe-7962R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX50T, 512MB RAM)5 - 10$ 7,010.00
781205-01NI PXIe-7961R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX50T)5 - 10$ 4,800.00
780563-01NI PXI-7954R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX110, 128MB RAM)12 - 20$ 7,916.00
780562-01NI PXI-7953R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX85, 128MB RAM)5 - 10$ 6,442.00
780561-01NI PXI-7952R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX50, 128MB RAM)5 - 10$ 4,750.00
780560-01NI PXI-7951R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX30)5 - 10$ 3,198.00
781717-01NI CMD to Single-Ended Pigtail (0.5m)Call$ 169.00
781717-02NI CMD to Single-Ended Pigtail (1m)Call$ 203.00
781717-03NI CMD to Single-Ended Pigtail (2m)Call$ 226.00
781717-04NI CMD to CMD Cable (0.5m)Call$ 169.00
781717-05NI CMD to CMD Cable (1m)Call$ 203.00
781717-06NI CMD to CMD Cable (2m)Call$ 226.00

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