NI 1483 Camera Link Adapter Module for FPGA Image Processing

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  • For FPGA image processing
  • Base-, medium-, and full-configuration image acquisition for Camera Link cameras
  • Supports up to 10-tap, 80-bit acquisition at 20 MHz to 85 MHz pixel clock frequency
  • 4 TTL I/O channels, 2 optically isolated inputs, and 1 quadrature encoder input
  • Two 26-pin SDR connectors
  • The NI 1483 requires an NI FlexRIO FPGA module. Check Resources tab for compatible modules
  • Configure Complete PXI System
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The NI 1483 is a Camera Link adapter module for NI FlexRIO field-programmable gate array (FPGA) modules. It supports 80-bit, 10-tap base-, medium-, and full-configuration image acquisition from Camera Link 1.2 standard cameras. It also features four digital I/O channels, two optically isolated inputs, and one quadrature encoder input for advanced triggering functionality.

The NI 1483 is paired with an NI FlexRIO FPGA module to perform custom image analysis. FPGA processing is ideally suited for applications that require bit-level processing and very low system latency. Implemented in hardware, FPGA processing does not require CPU intervention. You can process images on the FPGA independently or with a CPU for more advanced preprocessing architectures.

NI LabVIEW software and the LabVIEW FPGA Module are required to program the NI 1483. This Camera Link adapter module is designed for use with the NI FlexRIO platform for PXI.

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Specifications Summary

Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI 1483 Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO
781341-01NI 1483 Camera Link Adapter Module12 - 20$ 1,100.00
Optional Cables and Accessories
781205-01NI PXIe-7961R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX50T)5 - 10$ 4,896.00
781206-01NI PXIe-7962R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX50T, 512MB RAM)5 - 10$ 7,150.00
781207-01NI PXIe-7965R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX95T, 512MB RAM)5 - 10$ 10,145.00
782953-01PXIe-7971R FlexRIO FPGA Module (Kintex-7 K325T)5 - 10$ 6,115.00
782954-01PXIe-7972R FlexRIO FPGA Module (Kintex-7 K325T, 2GB RAM)5 - 10$ 7,645.00
782955-01PXIe-7975R FlexRIO FPGA Module (Kintex-7 K410T, 2GB RAM)5 - 10$ 9,685.00
783625-01PXIe-7976R FlexRIO FPGA Module (Kintex-7 K410T, 2GB RAM,3.2 GB/s)5 - 10$ 10,999.00
780261-01Unshielded Screw Terminal Breakout and 2M 15-Pin DSUB Cable12 - 20$ 77.00
197818-05Cable, 15-Pin DSUB to Pigtail, 5M12 - 20$ 32.00
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