NI SwitchBlock Expandable Large Matrix for PXI

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  • Create matrices with up to 8,832 crosspoints (8x1104)
  • Minimize wiring with an integrated analog bus
  • Relay self-test and count tracking available in NI Switch Health Center for enhanced reliability
The NI SwitchBlock is a flexible switching solution that minimizes wiring, simplifies connectivity, and includes tight integration with intelligent NI switching software.

NI SwitchBlock Components
The NI PXI-2800 carrier for the NI SwitchBlock occupies four PXI slots and holds up to six relay cards. By connecting these relay cards through the carrier’s integrated analog bus, you can easily create large matrices with more than 2,000 crosspoints.

Matrix Expansion
For higher-channel-count applications, you can combine multiple carriers using the NI 2806 expansion bridge for the NI SwitchBlock to create matrices with more than 8,000 crosspoints in a single PXI chassis. This elegant hardware design provides column expansion in a compact form factor without the need for external wiring.

Intelligent Switching Software
To program these large switch matrices, NI Switch Executive switch management software includes a configuration wizard developed specifically for the NI SwitchBlock. Once in the NI Switch Executive environment, you can graphically configure and automatically route signals across multiple relay cards simply by specifying endpoints. With this high-level abstraction, you can quickly begin your application without in-depth knowledge of individual relays.

NI Switch Health Center
For enhanced long-term reliability, the NI Switch Health Center gives you access to automatic relay-count tracking and relay self-test capabilities for the NI SwitchBlock.


Bundle Contents

Price: $ 3,187

NI SwitchBlock Carrier:
The NI SwitchBlock Carrier holds up to 6 relay cards and occupies 4 PXI slots. For applications that require more than 6 relay cards, select an additional SwitchBlock Carrier and an expansion bridge.

NI SwitchBlock Matrix Cards:
Add the necessary matrix relay cards from the list below to satisfy your row and column switch requirements. Choose Type B relay cards for column connectivity, and a single Type A relay card if access to matrix rows is needed.
Learn more about the difference between Type A and Type B relay cards.

4x43, 1 A Reed Matrix

NI 2810A 4x43, 1 A 781420-10 Add $ 2,855

NI 2810B 4x43, 1 A 781421-10 Add $ 2,855

8x21, 1 A Reed Matrix

NI 2811A 8x21, 1 A 781420-11 Add $ 2,855

NI 2811B 8x21, 1 A 781421-11 Add $ 2,855

16x9, 1 A Reed Matrix

NI 2812A 16x9, 1 A 781420-12 Add $ 2,855

NI 2812B 16x9, 1 A 781421-12 Add $ 2,855

4x21 2-Wire, 1 A Reed Matrix

NI 2813A 4x21 2-Wire, 1 A 781420-13 Add $ 2,855

NI 2813B 4x21 2-Wire, 1 A 781421-13 Add $ 2,855

8x9 2-Wire, 1 A Reed Matrix

NI 2814A 8x9 2-Wire, 1 A 781420-14 Add $ 2,855

NI 2814B 8x9 2-Wire, 1 A 781421-14 Add $ 2,855

4x86, 0.3 A Reed Matrix

NI 2815A 4x86, 0.3 A 781420-15 Add $ 4,339

NI 2815B 4x86, 0.3 A 781421-15 Add $ 4,339

8x46, 0.3 A Reed Matrix

NI 2816A 8x46, 0.3 A 781420-16 Add $ 4,339

NI 2816B 8x46, 0.3 A 781421-16 Add $ 4,339

16x22, 0.3 A Reed Matrix

NI 2817A 16x22, 0.3 A 781420-17 Add $ 4,339

NI 2817B 16x22, 0.3 A 781421-17 Add $ 4,339

4x71 2-Wire, 2 A Electromechanical Matrix

NI 2833A 4x71 2-Wire, 2 A 781420-33 Add $ 2,586

NI 2833B 4x71 2-Wire, 2 A 781421-33 Add $ 2,586

8x34 2-Wire, 2 A Electromechanical Matrix

NI 2834A 8x34 2-Wire, 2 A 781420-34 Add $ 2,586

NI 2834B 8X34 2-Wire, 2 A 781421-34 Add $ 2,586


SH96F-96M Cable for NI SwitchBlock, 1m 150275-01 Included in price

SH96F-96M-RES Cable for NI SwitchBlock (100 ohm protection), 1m 150579-01 Add $ 284

SH96F-96M Cable for NI SwitchBlock, 0.5 m 150275-0R5 Add $ 287

NI TBX-2809 96-Pin Screw Terminal Accessory for NI SwitchBlock 781420-09 Included in price

NI SwitchBlock Filler Panel 150056-01 Add $ 44

NI SwitchBlock Replacement Safety Cover for Analog Bus 196520-01 Add Call

NI TBX-2808 160-Pin Screw Terminal Accessory for NI SwitchBlock 781420-08 Add $ 220

SH160F-160M Cable for NI SwitchBlock, 1M 153028-01 Add $ 277


Price: $ 3,187

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