IOtech eZ-Series Analysis Software for IOtech Devices

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  • Time waveform, orbit, spectrum, waterfall, polar, Bode, and shaft centerline analysis
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface and multiple project configurations that provide fast setup
  • Transient and steady-state rotating machinery analysis
  • Spectral limit checking with output relays and alarm event logging
eZ-TOMAS (Total Online Monitoring and Analysis Software) is optimized for machine monitoring, transient recording, and diagnostics. Each channel features 10 programmable and four fixed-order tracking filters with alarm event capture and offers time, spectrum, orbit, waterfall, Bode, polar, trend, and shaft centerline analysis capabilities. Analysis can be in the time, frequency, or order domain. It is compatible with the 600 Series and ZonicBook/618E dynamic signal analyzers.

eZ-TOMAS Remote client software helps you remotely monitor and/or control eZ-TOMAS applications through a client/server architecture. The server is any eZ-TOMAS application interacting with its hardware and is typically distributed at a remote location relative to one or more clients. The eZ-TOMAS Remote analysis capabilities are the same as that of eZ-TOMAS.

eZ-Analyst is a noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis and resonance/impact testing package with capabilities such as TWF, spectrum, FRF, PSD, transfer functions, cross spectrum, and coherence calculations. It is ideally suited for continuous, gap-free recording and transient data capture. Analysis can be in the time, frequency, or order domain. It is compatible with the 600 Series and ZonicBook/618E dynamic signal analyzers.

eZ-Balance is an interactive, multiplane balance software package that computes the optimal balance weights and weight locations based on vibration data. The combination of the 640u, 650u, 652u, or ZonicBook/618E with eZ-Balance offers a powerful system for multiplane (up to seven planes) balancing applications. You also can enter data manually using the keyboard. A balance toolkit is provided for typical balance calculations, such as splitting weights. It is compatible with the 640u, 650u, 652u, and ZonicBook/618E dynamic signal analyzers.

For assistance with acquiring and analyzing your vibration data, NI works with numerous National Instruments Alliance Partners to provide vibration consultant services to its customers.

List of Sound and Vibration Consultant Partners
IOtech Support Information
Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
781378-35eZ-TOMAS, Rotating machine monitoring and analysis software12 - 20$ 3,260.00
781377-35eZ-BALANCE, Machine multiplane balancing software12 - 20$ 3,260.00
781376-35eZ-ANALYST, Real-Time vibration analysis and recording software12 - 20$ 3,260.00
781385-35eZ-TOMAS Remote, Client application for accessing eZ-TOMAS12 - 20$ 2,174.00
930999-01Support-Only Service for 1 Year - $ 309.00

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