IOtech Out-of-the-Box Measurement Solutions

  • IOtech hardware and software work together to create turnkey DSA solutions
  • IOtech hardware supports up to 56 channels of up to 24-bit resolution
  • eZ-Series software provides ready-to-run solutions for DSA data logging, analysis, and balancing
  • NI is excited to now offer IOtech solutions as part of its complete DSA portfolio

National Instruments is excited to welcome the IOtech product family into its portfolio of sound and vibration solutions. NI looks forward to working with IOtech sound and vibration customers and is committed to continue selling and supporting IOtech 600 Series hardware, ZonicBook/618E hardware, and eZ-Series software.

IOtech vibration measurement and analysis solutions combine PC-based hardware with easy-to-use, application-specific software. The 600 Series hardware offers 24-bit resolution and simultaneous sampling across all channels.

These 600 Series devices featuring tachometer inputs help you make direct IEPE accelerometer measurements. You can choose from a variety of eZ-Series software packages, each tailored to a particular vibration measurement and analysis application, using either the 600 Series or ZonicBook/618E.

eZ-Series software consists of eZ-TOMAS, eZ-Balance, and eZ-Analyst. eZ-Tomas is configuration-based machinery diagnostics software. eZ-Balance software makes machine balancing easy. eZ-Analyst is a noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis package with capabilities such as frequency response function and cross spectrum calculations.

Additionally, National Instruments remains committed to selling and supporting the IOtech DSA hardware and eZ-Series software.