NI PXIe-4353 32-Channel, 24-Bit, Thermocouple Input Module

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  • 32 thermocouple input channels; 8 built-in cold-junction compensation channels; 0.3 °C accuracy
  • 90 S/s/ch sample rate in high-speed mode; 1 S/s/ch sample rate in high-resolution mode
  • 300 Vrms CAT II channel-to-earth ground safety isolation
  • Autozero channels for offset error compensation; open-thermocouple detection
  • Multidevice triggering and synchronization via PXI Express
  • Rackmount connectivity available with TC-4353
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The NI PXIe-4353 thermocouple input module provides integrated data acquisition and signal conditioning for temperature measurements. This module includes increased accuracy and synchronization features for scalable measurement systems from low- to high-channel counts.

The NI PXIe-4353 features 32 channels with three 24-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and operates with high-speed (90 S/s/ch) and high-resolution (1 S/s/ch) modes. It is designed to be highly accurate with 0.3 °C typical accuracy for the module and terminal block. The module has two autozero channels for offset compensation as well as open thermocouple detection to identify disconnected thermocouples.

The high accuracy is attributed to the NI TB-4353 isothermal terminal block that includes eight cold-junction compensation (CJC) channels. It has a unique design that optimizes thermal conductivity between the thermocouple terminals and the CJCs for an isothermal error as low as 0.25 °C. The TB-4353 is a front mount terminal block with screw terminal connectivity.

As part of the PXI platform, these modules tightly synchronize with more than 1,500 PXI I/O instruments, such as NI X Series data acquisition modules and NI dynamic signal acquisition modules.

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PXI System

1 Terminal Block

NI PXIe-4353




NI PXIe-4353 and Accessories Only
NI PXIe-4353 - 781348-01 Qty $ 1,985 each
Required Accessories
Terminal Block - Screw Terminal
TB-4353 - 781349-01
Qty $ 417 each
Optional Accessories
Rack Mount Terminal Block
TC-4353 - 782403-01
Qty $ 525 each
Cables for Rack Mount Terminal Block
SH96-96-1 Cable (1m) - 190668-01
Select length:
Qty $ 218 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 113 each
Qty $ 1,090 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 113 each
Qty $ 1,090 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each

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