NI cRIO-9025 Real-Time Controller: 800 MHz, 512 MB DRAM, 4 GB Storage

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  • Embedded controller runs LabVIEW Real-Time for deterministic control, data logging, and analysis
  • 800 MHz processor, 4 GB nonvolatile storage, 512 MB DDR2 memory
  • Dual Ethernet ports with embedded Web and file servers for remote user interfacing
  • Hi-Speed USB host port for connection to USB flash and memory devices
  • RS232 serial port for connection to peripherals; dual 9 to 35 VDC supply inputs
  • -40 to 70 °C operating temperature range
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The NI cRIO-9025 embedded real-time controller is part of the high-performance CompactRIO programmable automation controller (PAC) platform. It features an industrial 800 MHz real-time Freescale processor for deterministic, reliable real-time applications and contains 512 MB of DDR2 RAM and 4 GB of nonvolatile storage for holding programs and logging data.

This rugged, reliable controller is designed for low-power consumption with dual 9 to 35 VDC supply inputs that deliver isolated power to the CompactRIO chassis/modules and a -40 to 70 °C operating temperature range. The cRIO-9025 accepts 9 to 35 VDC power supply inputs on power up and 6 to 35 VDC power supply inputs during operation, so it can function for long periods of time in remote applications using a battery or solar power.

The controller provides two Ethernet 10/100 ports that you can use to conduct programmatic communication over the network and built-in Web (HTTP) and file (FTP) servers. The ports also are compatible with the NI 9144 C Series expansion chassis, so you can connect more deterministic I/O for your application.

To create additional storage capability for your embedded logging applications, the cRIO-9025 has a Hi-Speed USB host port to which you can connect external USB-based storage media (flash drives and hard drives). In addition, the controller features a fault-tolerant file system that provides increased reliability for data-logging applications.

Specifications Documents

Specifications Summary

Product Name cRIO-9025
Product Type Controller (Computing Device)
Form Factor CompactRIO
Part Number 781313-01
Operating System/Target Real-Time
LabVIEW RT Support Yes
CE Compliance Yes
Controller Type Rugged Performance
Processor Core Type PowerPC
CPU Clock Frequency 800 MHz
System Memory 512 MB
Legacy Product No
Ethernet (# of ports) 2
Ethernet Port Type 100BaseTX , 10BaseT
Serial Ports (RS232) 1
Serial Ports (RS485) 0
USB Ports Yes
Number of Slots 0
Integrated Controller No
Input Voltage Range 6 V - 35 V
Recommended Power Supply: Power 55
Recommended Power Supply: Voltage 24
Power Consumption 17
Physical Specifications
Length 77.3 mm
Width 90.2 mm
Height 88.1 mm
Weight 609 gram
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature 70 °C
Maximum Altitude 2000 m

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CompactRIO System

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NI cRIO-9025


NI cRIO-9025 and Accessories Only
NI cRIO-9025
781313-01 Qty $ 4,707 each
781313-02 Qty $ 5,232 each
Required Accessories
Qty $ 3,398 each
Power Supply -
NI PS-15 Power Supply - 781093-01
Qty $ 221 each
Qty $ 31 each
Qty $ 17 each
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