NI Tools for Robotics Teaching and Research

  • Develop a variety of robot prototypes using one single software platform
  • Reduce the complexity of robotic systems using NI LabVIEW graphical programming tools
  • Easily connect to a wide range of sensors and actuators

Robotics and mechatronics are increasingly necessary subjects within academic teaching and research. This multidisciplinary field provides hands-on design opportunities for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and computer scientists and prepares them for the rapidly growing robotics market.

National Instruments offers a variety of tools for taking robotics and mechatronics into the educational classroom or research lab. In addition to embedded control platforms such as NI CompactRIO and NI Single-Board RIO, National Instruments partners with LEGO® Education and Pitsco to provide complete robot kits. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT platform and the NI Robotics Starter Kit are two out-of-the-box solutions for teaching robotics concepts or for prototyping a robotic system. Both platforms benefit from the ease of use and interaction featured in LabVIEW graphical programming, which helps students and researchers work more efficiently.