Calibration Service for NI Sound and Vibration Hardware

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  • Verification of measurements according to specification
  • Adjustment of performance if found outside specification
  • Traceable to national and international standards
  • Environmental conditions and standards used are listed on calibration certificate
  • Options include detailed measurement data and compliance with rigorous quality standards
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NI provides the following calibration services to help you keep your NI sound and vibration hardware performing at its best.

Traceable Calibration Service
With traceable calibration, you can track how your instruments are performing as well as minimize the time and costs associated with unscheduled downtime and quality issues. This service includes measurement performance verification and adjustment. It also features “As Found” and “As Left” measurement data to show the measurements for every test point every time. This data can help you characterize the performance of your device and determine precisely what you are measuring.

Compliant Calibration Service
Compliant calibration service helps you meet the needs of more advanced quality standards. It is performed in a lab that is accredited to ISO 17025, and the service complies with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994. This service includes verification of measurement performance and adjustment when possible as well as provision of full “As Found” and “As Left” measurement data and an evaluation of measurement uncertainty.

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
The NI Calibration Service Center Austin is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA to meet all of your needs for accredited calibration service. In addition, NI Certified Calibration Centers located throughout the world can meet local needs and provide the same levels of service no matter where you are. This service includes full calculated measurement uncertainty and the logo of the local accrediting body so that you can be confident that the service was performed exactly according to the standard.

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960456-01Traceable Calibration Certificate for NI Sound & Vibration HW10 - 15$ 318.00
960456-11Expedited Traceable Calibration Certificate for NI S&V HW - $ 413.00
960456-03Compliant Calibration Certificate for NI Sound & Vibration HW10 - 15$ 488.00
960456-04ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate for NI Sound & Vibration HW10 - 15$ 637.00

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