NI Acoustic and Vibration Data Logger Acoustic and Vibration Measurements from Software to Sensor

  • 4 analog input channels
  • 24-bit resolution for effective dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Simultaneous ADC sampling that results in superior phase accuracy between channels
  • Integrated antialiasing filters that automatically remove any aliasing from acquired signals
  • Software-selectable signal excitation for IEPE sensors
NI dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) hardware provides integrated signal conditioning and digital-to-analog conversion for acquiring sound and vibration signals. This bundle combines the NI tools necessary to develop a complete system from sensor to software.

You can use the NI 9234 DSA C Series module as a wireless, Ethernet, or USB device. The hardware can be used regardless of the accelerometer/microphone you want to use and the software you choose to control it. NI-DAQmx driver technology allows for this abstraction.

This flexible solution includes the software necessary to perform advanced frequency analysis of the acquired data and log it to disk or use it for display purposes. You can develop customized applications or take advantage of the easy-to-use starting points provided in the example programs.

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NVH Starter Bundle

Bundle Contents

Price: $ 4,735


NI 9234 - 4-Channel, 51.2 kS/s Simultaneous IEPE Analog Input 779680-01 Included in price

The NI 9234 provides fast plug in play data acquisition to easily move data off your sensor into any software environment. Includes auto configured anti aliasing filters and can be configured in software to work with AC and DC sensors.


cDAQ-9171, CompactDAQ Chassis (1 slot USB) 781425-01 Included in price

cDAQ-9181 CompactDAQ Chassis (1 Slot, Ethernet) 781496-01 Add $ 91

cDAQ-9191 CompactDAQ Chassis (1 Slot, 802.11G, US Only) 781497-01 Add $ 120


Choose a Software Package:

Basic - NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit 777970-35 Included in price

An interactive environment for performing basic sound and vibration analysis in the time and frequency domain. Includes data logging functionality. No programming required.

Enhanced - NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite 779696-35 Add $ 4,371

Includes full sound and vibration analysis functionality. Provides easy to use tools for analysis from continuous frequency response sweeps to order analysis and tachometer processing. Provides numerous display options such as intensity, waterfall, shaft centerline and orbit plots. Easy to use non programming environment.

Add LabVIEW for Additional Analysis Functionality

LabVIEW Professional Dev System, Windows, Includes 1 Year SSP 776678-35 Add $ 4,999

For customizing your sound and vibration application. LabVIEW provides a powerful graphical programming environment. Included in the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite and Toolkit are LabVIEW Vis that can save hours of engineering development time in creating customized sound and vibration acquisition and analysis offerings.

LabVIEW Professional Development System, Japanese. Includes Standard Service for Software., Include 1 Year SSP 776678-3512 Add $ 4,999

LabVIEW Professional Development System, German. Includes Standard Service for Software., Include 1 Year SSP 776678-3513 Add $ 4,999

LabVIEW Professional Development System, French. Includes Standard Service for Software., Include 1 Year SSP 776678-3514 Add $ 4,999


Industrial Accelerometer 780985-01 Add $ 141

Large industrial accelerometer designed for measurement environment where sensor footprint is not a concern. Good sensor for most vibration measurements.

Industrial Accelerometer Cable 780984-01 Add $ 59

General Purpose ceramic shear accelerometer 780988-01 Add $ 500

Provides a high measurement range in small footprint. Provides a good solution when large forces are applied and sensor size needs to be minimal.

High Sensitivity ceramic shear accelerometer 780989-01 Included in price

Small footprint accelerometer ideal for any test where the forces do not exceed 10 g. Provides high resolution for applications where sensor size needs to be minimal.

10-32 plug to BNC plug for ceramic shear accelerometers 780986-01 Included in price

10-32 plug to SMB plug for ceramic shear accelerometer 780987-01 Add Call

Triaxial ceramic shear accelerometer (cable included) 780990-01 Add $ 2,226

Very small accelerometer that provides three measurements of force. Ideal for getting total motion analysis in a very small footprint. Provides a minimal cabling solution when measurement resolution does not need to be very precise (5mV/g).

Modal impact hammer with multiple impact tips 780991-01 Add $ 1,060

Allows for excitation to be measured and can provide a variety of excitation bands based on the tip used.

Price: $ 5,043

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