NI USB-8486 1-Port FOUNDATION Fieldbus Interface for USB

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  • H1 (31.25 kbits/s) interface for USB 2.0
  • Runs as Link Master or Basic Device
  • Includes NI-FBUS Communications Manager software for Windows
  • Also supports NI-FBUS Configurator, NI-FBUS Monitor, and LabVIEW graphical programming
  • Includes OPC 2.0-compliant server
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The NI USB-8486 is a one-port interface for connecting FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices to standard PCs including desktop, industrial, and notebook. Each interface is shipped with NI-FBUS Communications Manager software for the Windows OS to provide a high-level interface to FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices without requiring in-depth knowledge of lower-level Fieldbus protocols. Human machine interface (HMI) and distributed control system (DCS) applications can use the NI-FBUS Communications Manager for data collection and control on Fieldbus.

The USB-8486 also works with the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment, NI-FBUS Configurator, and NI-FBUS Monitor. The NI-FBUS Configurator features user-friendly multiwindow interfaces to provide tools for the complete configuration, programming, and execution schedules of FOUNDATION Fieldbus segments. The NI-FBUS Monitor is a stand-alone application used to monitor, debug, and analyze Fieldbus data packets.
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USB Fieldbus Interface
781160-01USB-8486, 1-Port FOUNDATION Fieldbus InterfaceCall$ 2,495.00
199566-02Cable Assy, 9-pin DSUB female to 3-wire pigtails, Fieldbus H1, 2M5 - 10$ 27.00

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