CAN OBD-II Cable NI High-Speed CAN to SAE J1962 OBD-II Cable, 2 m

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  • Nonterminated 9-pin female D-Sub to SAE J1962 OBD male cable, 2 m
  • Compatible with all NI PCI, PXI, USB, PCMCIA, and CompactRIO high-speed CAN interfaces
  • Cable impedance: 120 Ω, resistance: 93 Ω/km at 20 °C, delay: 5 ns/m
  • Two unshielded 24 AWG twisted pairs: one for CAN_H and CAN_L and one for V+ and V-
  • Locking tab prevents accidental removal from vehicle
The NI CAN to OBD-II cable connects any NI high-speed CAN interface to an OBD-II compliant vehicle that has high-speed CAN on its diagnostic link connector located in the passenger compartment. This high-quality injection-molded cable connects the CAN wires from the SAE J1962 connector to the standard CiA-DS-102 D-Sub connector wiring used by NI CAN interfaces. The NI CAN OBD-II cable does not have built-in CAN termination as specified by CAN diagnostic standards.

This cable is not an intelligence device; an NI high-speed CAN interface is required to interface the vehicle to a PC. OBD regulations require the use of high-speed CAN for diagnostics, so a high-speed CAN interface is required to communicate with vehicles.

Note that not all vehicles compliant with OBD-II feature CAN on their diagnostic link connectors. Vehicles sold in the United States after model year 2008 are required to have CAN, and other vehicles have CAN exposed on the OBD-II connector after 2003. Older vehicles generally do not have CAN. Typically, if the vehicle's pins for CAN are populated in the diagnostic connector (CAN_H - Pin 6 and CAN_L - Pin 14), the vehicle uses CAN for its diagnostic communications.

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193942-02SAEJ1962M-DE9M CAN OBD-II Cable, SAE J1962 to D-sub 9-pos F, 2m12 - 20$ 74.00
193128-01NI CAN Cable, No Term, High-Speed/FD/Low-Speed, D-Sub 9-Pin F, 1m10 - 15$ 37.00
193128-02NI CAN Cable, No Term, High-Speed/FD/Low-Speed, D-Sub 9-Pin F, 2m10 - 15$ 57.00

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