Legacy CAN Interfaces

  • These are legacy devices. NI recommends NI-XNET CAN interfaces for new applications.
  • Series 2 CAN interfaces for PXI and PCI; 1- and 2-port
  • NI-CAN software for Windows Vista/XP/2000/Me/9x/NT
  • High-speed, low-speed/fault-tolerant, and single-wire physical layers
  • NI-CAN software contains tools for Vector database file import (.dbc) and CAN bus monitor

NI Series 2 CAN interfaces are PCI and PXI controller area network interfaces that use the NI-CAN Channel and Frame APIs.

These legacy interfaces are recommended for applications where compatibility with older OSs is required or when Series 2 CAN interfaces are specified. NI-XNET CAN interfaces are recommended for new applications and upgrades when possible. Code written for the NI-CAN API is compatible with NI-XNET interfaces.