Vision Development Module

  • Build highly customized applications with a comprehensive library of processing and vision functions
  • Prototype and engineer algorithms and generate ready-to-run code with the Vision Assistant
  • Program in LabVIEW, C, C++, Visual Basic, or .NET languages
  • Take advantage of add-ons and toolkits that complement the LabVIEW environment

The Vision Development Module is designed to help you develop machine vision and image processing applications using the LabVIEW graphical programming environment for Windows and real-time systems and C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic .NET for Windows systems.

Along with the extensive library of machine vision and image processing functions, this module includes the Vision Assistant, an interactive environment for prototyping inspection applications that can generate ready-to-run code in any of the supported languages. The module also features a license for Vision Acquisition Software that you can use to acquire, display, save, and monitor images from GigE Vision, IEEE 1394, and DirectShow USB devices, in addition to Camera Link, analog, parallel digital cameras, and NI Smart Cameras.

Also, you can purchase the Vision Development Module through Developer Suite, a modular product offering with which you can select software components based on your application needs. With a Developer Suite subscription, you have access to software as updates are available as well as direct access to technical support from NI applications engineers via phone and email.

Consider the LabVIEW Real-Time Vision Development Bundle that includes all of the software you need to create real-time vision applications (Vision Development Module, LabVIEW Application Builder, LabVIEW Real-Time Module).

Run-time and debug licenses are available.