NI Motion Control Bundle

  • Rugged, reconfigurable motion control system
  • FPGA parallel processing capabilities to optimize your control algorithms
  • C Series drive interface modules to connect to stepper and servo drives
  • Stepper drives and motors for a wide range of applications
  • Connector block connectivity to third-party drives and motors
The NI Motion Control Bundle combines a reconfigurable NI CompactRIO embedded system with C Series drive interface modules, drives, motors, and the accessories and software you need to develop custom motion control applications. With this bundle, you select the controller and backplane for your performance requirements and configure your system based on the number of axes and the type of motors you need for your application. It shows all of the accessory options and provides an overview on the required software components.

Configure your custom motion control system in minutes. Depending on the requirements of your application, you can choose from:

-A variety of NI CompactRIO controller and backplane options
-Stepper or servo C Series drive interface modules
-Necessary cables and connector blocks
-Stepper drives and motors
-All required motion control software
-Accessories and mounting kits

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Motion Control Bundle

Bundle Contents

Price: $ 7,099

cRIO Controller

cRIO Backplane

Motion Drive Interface Modules

Accessories - Cables and Connector Blocks

Stepper Drives

Stepper Motors

Recommended for the P70530 Stepper Drive

Recommended for the P70360 Stepper Drive


Accessories - Mounting Kit and Enclosures

Power Supply for cRIO

PS-15 Power Supply 781093-01 Included in price

PS-16 Power Supply 781094-01 Add $ 45

PS-17 Power Supply 781095-01 Add $ 287

Additional I/O Modules



Price: $ 7,099

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