NI X Series Starter Systems

Test Automation
NI X Series multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) hardware provides analog inputs, analog outputs, hardware-timed digital I/O, and four counter/timers on a single device, making it a cost-effective option for basic device under test characterization and test automation. With NI-DAQmx software, you can easily synchronize acquisition or generation on multiple subsystems, such as an analog input and analog output channel. In addition, you can synchronize two or more X Series devices for further expansion by using a RTSI cable for PCI Express devices or over the PXI Express backplane for PXI Express devices.

If you need to control the temperature of a room, the speed of a motor, or the pressure of hydraulic fluids, you can use X Series DAQ hardware to connect sensors and actuators to your computer and build the control system that meets your exact application needs. The low-latency PCI Express bus improves single-point I/O performance, and with NI LabVIEW software and NI-DAQmx driver software, you can easily take sensor measurements, compare values to a setpoint, and update output signals. X Series devices also have four counter/timers for performing quadrature encoder measurements, pulse-width modulation, pulse train generation, frequency measurements, and much more, making them ideal for basic motor control.

Data Logging
Whether you are validating a new hardware design, monitoring conditions on a factory floor, or recording temperature changes during a scientific experiment, you need to take measurements, visualize your data, and often log it to disk. With X Series DAQ, you can develop a user-defined measurement system by using intuitive graphical programming software and incorporating the exact visualization, analysis, and data-logging capabilities your application requires.

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