FPGA Programmable Digital Instruments

  • Up to 400 Mbit/s single ended signals on up to 54 channels on a single module
  • Compatible with NI FlexRIO FPGA modules for PXI and PXI Express
  • Up to 400 Mbit/s for differential signals on up to 32 channels on a single adapter module
  • Up to 16 Mbit/s on RS-422/RS-485 signals
  • PXI Express FPGA modules provide high throughput data streaming and peer to peer streaming

National Instruments programmable FPGA digital instruments feature a variety of adapter modules with different clock rates and logic levels. The modules, which include high-performance Xilinx field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), allow these digital instruments to be used for

- protocol testing on the data link layer
- general purpose digital interfacing with the capability to tweak the data patterns on the fly
- custom triggering
- real - time digital comparison and processing

and many other applications that were not feasible before. With the modular PXI platform, you can scale from just a few channels to hundreds, and you can integrate a variety of other instruments depending on your application needs.