NI WSN-3212 4 Ch, 24-Bit, Programmable Thermocouple Input Node

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  • Programmable with the NI LabVIEW Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Module Pioneer
  • Customize node to extend battery life, increase performance, and perform local control and analysis
  • Up to 3-year battery life
  • Support for J, K, R, S, T, N, B, E thermocouple types
  • Four DIO channels configurable for input, sinking, or sourcing output, and value change detection
  • Industrial ratings: -40 to 70 °C operating temperature, 50 g shock, 5 g vibration
The NI WSN-3212 measurement node is a wireless device that provides four 24-bit thermocouple input channels and four bidirectional digital channels that you can configure on a per-channel basis for input, sinking output, or sourcing output or that you can program to respond to digital value change events. The 18-position screw-terminal connector delivers direct connectivity to J, K, R, S, T, N, B, and E thermocouple types. You can power the measurement node with four 1.5 V, AA alkaline battery cells, with operation up to three years on battery power, or you can externally power them with a 9 to 30 V supply (not included).

With the LabVIEW Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Module Pioneer, you use graphical programming to customize the node’s behavior, adding intelligence to extend battery life; increase analog and digital input performance; perform local control, analysis, and data reduction; and interface with sensors. The default behavior of an NI measurement node is to transmit every sample acquired to the gateway; however, this is not a requirement for many applications. You can use LabVIEW WSN Pioneer to average samples over time and provide threshold or deadband logic, so you can extend battery life by transmitting only meaningful data. Additionally, you can increase acquisition rates on the node by not incurring the overhead of transmitting each sample after acquisition. Using LabVIEW WSN Pioneer, you can then perform processing and data reduction on the node. LabVIEW WSN applications are downloaded wirelessly to NI WSN measurement nodes, allowing seamless updates to deployed nodes.

A 2.4 GHz radio is used to wirelessly transmit data to the WSN gateway, where you can connect through Ethernet to other network devices. NI-WSN software delivers easy network configuration in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and data extraction with LabVIEW software.

You can configure the WSN-3212 as a mesh router to increase network distance and connect more nodes to your gateway. You can connect eight end nodes (star topology) or up to 36 measurement nodes (mesh topology) to a single WSN gateway, with outdoor range up to 300 m with line of sight. The device also offers industrial temperature and shock and vibration ratings. Wireless products require certification based on the geographic region of use. Consult the Wireless Product Certifications document linked from the Resources tab to determine which products are certified in your region.

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WSN Measurement Node
780998-02WSN-3212 Programmable Thermocouple Input WSN Node, Americas, 4-ch, 24-bit, 4 DIOCall$ 910.00
780703-01NI PS-9 Desktop Power Supply, 12 VDC, 1.25 A, 100-240 VAC Input5 - 10$ 51.00
763000-01Power Cord, AC, U.S., 120 VAC, 2.3 meters10 - 15$ 10.00
780994-01WSN-3291 Outdoor Enclosure for WSN Nodes, -40 to 70C, Includes External Antenna and 2 I/O Glands5 - 10$ 217.00
780702-012-Position Screw Terminal Kit for Power Supply Connection, Qty 45 - 10$ 10.00
196375-01NI 9971 Backshell for 2-pos connector block (qty 4)5 - 10$ 34.00
781077-01WSN-3285 Extra 18-position Screw Terminal Connectors for WSN-3212 Thermocouple Input NodeCall$ 40.00
780999-01WSN-3280 Panel Mount Kit for WSN Nodes, Node Lock, Wiring Strain ReliefCall$ 81.00
781073-01WSN-3281 Magnetic Panel Mount Kit for WSN Nodes, Node Lock, Wiring Strain ReliefCall$ 81.00
780704-01Replacement 2.4 GHz Omni-directional Antenna, 2 dBi, RP-SMA5 - 10$ 60.00

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