NI PXIe-8108 2.53 GHz Dual-Core PXI Express Embedded Controller

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  • NI recommends the NI PXIe-8840
  • 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 dual-core processor
  • Up to 1 GB/s system bandwidth and 250 MB/s slot bandwidth
  • 1 GB (1 x 1 GB DIMM) 800 MHz DDR2 RAM standard, 4 GB maximum
  • 10/100/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit) Ethernet, ExpressCard/34, 4 Hi-Speed USB, GPIB, serial, and other I/O
  • Windows OS and drivers already installed; hard-drive-based recovery
  • Configure Complete PXI System
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NI recommends the NI PXIe-8840.

The NI PXIe-8108 is a high-performance Intel Core 2 Duo T9400-based embedded controller for use in PXI Express and CompactPCI Express systems. With its 2.53 GHz dual-core processor, 800 MHz DDR2 memory, and 6 MB of L2 cache, the NI PXIe-8108 is ideal for modular instrumentation and data acquisition applications.

Dual-core processors have two cores, or computing engines, located in one physical package. Dual-core processors can simultaneously execute two computing tasks, which is advantageous in multitasking environments, such as Windows XP, where multiple applications are running simultaneously. Two applications can each access a separate processor core at the same time, which improves overall performance. Also, dual-core processors are ideal for applications with multithreading, such as NI LabVIEW software, which gives an application the ability to separate tasks into individual threads. A dual-core processor can simultaneously execute two of these threads.

To configure a complete PXI Express system based on the NI PXIe-8108, visit

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI PXIe-8108 Products
781033-04NI PXIe-8108 Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz Controller, Win 712 - 20$ 4,699.00
781034-04NI PXIe-8108 Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz Controller, Win 7, ExtTemp, 24/7Call$ 5,223.00
781033-02NI PXIe-8108 Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz Controller with Windows VistaCall$ 4,699.00
781034-02NI PXIe-8108 Core2 Duo 2.53 GHz Controller,Win Vista,ExtTemp,24/7Call$ 5,223.00
781033-01NI PXIE-8108 Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz Controller, Win XP FES12 - 20$ 4,905.00
781034-01NI PXIe-8108 Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz Controller, Win XP FES, Ext TempCall$ 5,425.00
Accessories and Upgrades
780446-2048Spare/Upgrade 2 GB DDR2 RAM for PXI(e)-8101/02/08/10 Controllers10 - 15$ 154.00
780446-4096Spare/Upgrade 4 GB DDR2 RAM for PXI(e)-8101/02/08/10 Controllers10 - 15$ 309.00
781945-01250 GB or Greater 2.5 in MLC SATA Ext Temp 24/7 SSD Upgrade5 - 10$ 1,035.00
781946-01500 GB 2.5 in SATA Hard Drive Upgrade10 - 15$ 413.00
779175-0780 GB (or Greater)2.5 in SATA Ext. Temp, 24/7 SSD10 - 15$ 499.00
780868-01DVI-I (male) to DVI-D (female) & VGA (female) Splitter10 - 15$ 53.00
779559-01FPM-1017 17in. Flat Panel Monitor with VGA Input for PC's12 - 20$ 251.00
779872-01NI MKD-1117 Rackmount 1U LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse Drawer12 - 20$ 1,586.00
779560-01FPT-1015 15in. Flat Panel Touch Screen with VGA Interface and USB5 - 10$ 1,564.00
779660-01USB English Keyboard and Optical USB Mouse5 - 10$ 41.00
778492-01External USB CD/DVD-ROM for Use with PXI & VXI Emb Controllers12 - 20$ 282.00
192524-01ExpressCard Strain Relief Accessory for PXI Embedded Controllers12 - 20$ 74.00
183285-02X13 GPIB Cable, MicroD25 to Shielded cable/Standard connector, 2M10 - 15$ 120.00

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