NI 8260 4-Drive, In-Chassis High-Speed Data Storage Module

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  • Not recommended for new designs. NI recommends the HDD-8261.
  • Life-cycle status: Mature with a last-time-buy date of December 31, 2016
  • 200 MB/s sustained read or write speeds for 80 percent of the storage capacity for HDD option
  • 700 MB/s sustained read or 400 MB/s write speeds for the entire storage capacity for SSD option
  • 3-slot 3U PXI Express module
  • Available in different storage capacities
  • Configure Complete PXI System
Not recommended for new designs. NI recommends the HDD-8261.

The NI 8260 in-chassis PXI Express high-speed data storage module features an onboard PCI Express SATA controller. The module easily fits into a PXI Express chassis and provides up to 3 TB of storage space while occupying only three PXI slots. With the NI 8260, you can choose between hard-disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) for increased ruggedness.

The HDD option contains four 250 GB or 750 GB 2.5 in. laptop SATA II hard drives for a total storage capacity of 1 TB or 3 TB, respectively. The SSD option contains four 300 GB high-performance SSDs for a total storage capacity of 1.2 TB. The HDD options can sustain a data rate of 200 MB/s for 80 percent of their storage space while reading or writing data. The SSD option is capable of sustaining data rates of 700 MB/s while reading and 400 MB/s while writing data for the entire 1.2 TB storage capacity.

The NI 8260 supports two configurations: JBOD or RAID-0. RAID-0 provides the highest performance for streaming data to and from disk.

With the robust design of PXI and the NI 8260 high-speed storage module, you have a rugged and reliable solution for field testing or signal recording applications. You can use this module to not only stream high-speed data but also easily move data between multiple test setups or supplement the PXI system controller’s storage capacity.
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NI 8260
782090-01NI 8260, 4-Drive, 3 TB HDD High Speed Storage Module, Win 7 OnlyCall$ 3,899.00
780980-01NI 8260, 4-Drive, 1 TB HDD High Speed Data Storage ModuleCall$ 3,099.00
780981-01NI 8260,4-Drive,1.2TB(4x300 GB)SSD High Speed Storage ,Win 7 OnlyCall$ 6,899.00
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