NI WSN-3291 Outdoor Enclosure for WSN Measurement Nodes

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  • Outdoor enclosure provides weatherproof protection from rain, humidity, and particles
  • External antenna
  • Locking mechanism to securely fasten node inside
  • Two I/O glands to run sensor or power cables
  • Additional gland inserts to customize your application
The NI WSN-3291 is an outdoor, weatherproof enclosure for NI wireless sensor network (WSN) measurement nodes. Featuring two I/O glands for routing power or sensor cables, the enclosure is shipped with four I/O gland inserts and two I/O gland plugs so you can customize the glands for your application. The WSN-3291 offers an IP65 (Ingress Protection) rating to protect NI WSN measurement nodes for long-term, outdoor deployment. The enclosure also is shipped with an external antenna and internal mounting plate featuring a locking mechanism to secure the node inside the enclosure. Mountable using M6 or quarter-inch screws, the enclosure mounting dimensions measure 82 by 204 mm.

The NI WSN-3292 is a set of replacement I/O glands that includes the same hardware shipped with the enclosure: two I/O glands, four inserts, and two plugs. The NI WSN-3293 contains five additional sizes of I/O gland inserts: 2-, 4-, 6-, and 10-hole inserts and one plug.

You can also power WSN nodes from solar energy harvesting. Refer to the resources tab to learn how you can create an indefinitely powered outdoor monitoring system with WSN nodes and solar-powered enclosures.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
WSN Measurement Node Outdoor Enclosure
780994-01WSN-3291 Outdoor Enclosure for WSN Nodes, -40 to 70C, Includes External Antenna and 2 I/O GlandsCall$ 239.00
Enclosure Accessories
195712-01WSN-3292 Replacement Glands for WSN Outdoor Enclosures, 2 I/O Glands, 4 Gland Inserts, 2 Plugs Call$ 31.00
195738-01WSN-3293 Inserts for WSN Outdoor Enclosures, 2, 4, 6, and 10-hole Inserts, 1 Solid InsertCall$ 57.00
782874-01Outdoor-rated (IP65) Replacement Antenna for NI WSN Enclosures12 - 20$ 67.00

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