NI 9942 4-Position Micro-Fit Plug and Terminal Kit

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  • 4-position cable termination kit
  • Use with NI 9237 for external excitation source
  • Use with WLS/ENET-9xxx series devices for trigger and sample clock import/export
The NI 9942 four-pin connector kit provides proper termination for cables connected to the NI 9237 C Series module or NI WLS/ENET-9xxx series devices.

The NI 9237 bridge and strain module has a four-terminal external excitation voltage source connector. You can use the EX+ and EX– terminals on the connector to connect one external excitation voltage source to the module. You can use the additional EX+ and EX– terminals on the connector to wire multiple NI 9237 modules together in a daisy chain.

NI WLS/ENET-9xxx series devices have two bidirectional, individually settable digital PFI lines. The four-terminal trigger connector on the back of each device provides access to PFI 0, PFI 1, and two GND pins. You may use these to synchronize one or more devices by importing or exporting digital triggers and sample clocks.

Purchasing a Hand Crimp Tool
If you want to use a hand crimp tool to crimp the NI 9942 terminal around the wire, NI recommends you purchase the Hand Crimp Tool from Molex with the part number 63811-2800.

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NI 9942 Plug and Terminal Kit
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