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RF Record and Playback Test System Stream RF Data to and from Hard Disk

  • Capture live off-the-air signals and store to disk
  • Record up to 765 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth with a single instrument
  • Play back up to 160 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth
  • Analyze recorded files with a multifeature file reader
  • Record and play back signals including FM/AM, GPS, WLAN, LTE, and GSM
The high-bandwidth PCI and PCI Express data buses of PXI enable instruments to stream live signals to and from hard drives at up to 3.2 GB/s. NI RF record and playback systems combine PXI RF signal analyzers and RF signal generators with RAID arrays for high-speed, long-duration recording and playback. With the ability to generate or acquire terabytes of continuous data, PXI instruments can help you test receivers using real-world signals that are captured with an antenna. As a result, you can observe how receivers are able to adapt to common impairments in their deployment environments.