CAN Cable (Single Termination) 9-Pin D-Sub Female to 9-Pin D-Sub Female Cable

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  • High-speed/FD CAN cable with 9-pin D-Sub female connectors
  • 120 Ω terminating resistor located in cable end closest to white part number label
  • Compatible with all NI PCI, PXI, USB, PCMCIA, and CompactRIO high-speed/FD CAN interfaces
  • Cable impedance: 120 Ω, resistance: 93 Ω/km at 20 °C, delay: 5 ns/m
  • Two 24 AWG twisted pairs: one for CAN_H and CAN_L and one for V+ and V-
  • CiA-DS-102 standard wiring: Pin 2: CAN_L, Pin 3: V-, Pin 5: Shield, Pin 7: CAN_H, Pin 9: V+
NI controller area network (CAN) cables are ideal for connecting NI CAN interfaces to CAN devices, breakout boxes, other interfaces, and accessories. This cable features a built-in terminating resistor in one cable end to simplify wiring to high-speed/FD CAN devices. It meets ISO 11898 cable specifications and works with all NI high-speed/FD CAN interfaces.

NI CAN cables with single termination are recommended for connecting CAN interfaces to networks and devices that have no termination installed. For connecting CAN devices or networks that already have termination or implement low-speed/fault-tolerant CAN, use an NI CAN cable without termination.

NI-XNET CAN interfaces feature onboard software-selectable termination, eliminating the need for termination in the cable. This cable is not required for NI-XNET interfaces; use a CAN cable without termination for maximum flexibility.

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192017-02NI CAN Single Termination, High-Speed/FD Cable, 2m10 - 15$ 62.00
780041-01NI CAN Breakout Box 7-Port for CAN, DeviceNet, and CANOpen10 - 15$ 506.00

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