NI 1764 Smart Camera High-Resolution Machine Vision Solution with Coprocessor

  • For new designs consider the NI 1774 Smart Camera instead
  • 533 MHz PowerPC processor with 720 MHz Texas Instruments DSP coprocessor
  • Monochrome 1280 x 1024 CCD image sensor
  • Built-in lighting controller
  • Includes Vision Builder AI for programming NI Smart Cameras
  • Program with LabVIEW Real-Time Module or configure with Vision Builder AI
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The NI 1764 Smart Camera, powered by a 533 MHz PowerPC processor and a 720 MHz Texas Instruments DSP coprocessor, is a real-time target for machine vision. The high-quality Sony CCD image sensor acquires monochrome SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution images. This camera has four times the resolution of the NI 1722 and 1742 Smart Cameras.

The DSP coprocessor offers improved performance (up to four times) for optical character recognition, pattern matching, code reading, operators, morphology, Nth order filters, and thresholding.

You can configure the NI Smart Camera with NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI), an easy-to-use stand-alone programming environment for creating full visual inspection applications. The NI Smart Camera features a license for Vision Builder AI software that you can use to access the full list of functions to program any NI Smart Camera and to emulate NI Smart Cameras even when the hardware is not physically connected.

If you prefer more customization, you can program the NI Smart Camera with NI LabVIEW software and the NI Real-Time Vision Development Bundle that includes all of the modules needed for programming LabVIEW vision applications on real-time targets.

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