NI 9219 24-Bit Universal Analog Input

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The National Instruments 9219 is a 4-channel universal C Series module designed for multipurpose testing in any NI CompactDAQ or CompactRIO chassis. With the NI 9219, you can measure several signals from sensors such as strain gages, RTDs, thermocouples, load cells, and other powered sensors. The channels are individually selectable, so you can perform a different measurement type on each of the four channels. Measurement ranges differ for each type of measurement and include up to ±60 V for voltage and ±25 mA for current. Please see the manual for detailed specifications and ranges.

Because of the driver design, the NI 9219 does not limit the overall speed of an NI CompactDAQ system when used with faster sampling modules.

With 250 Vrms of channel-to-channel isolation, the NI 9219 protects not only the surrounding modules, chassis, and connected computer system but also the other channels within the same module. In addition to increased safety, channel-to-channel isolation eliminates problems associated with ground loops.

The NI 9219 uses 6-position spring terminal connectors in each channel for direct signal connectivity. You can purchase additional connectors to reduce signal connection time for multiple test units. In addition to extra connectors, a strain relief kit is available to secure the signal wires.

Strain relief backshells for signal wire security and high-voltage protection (qty 4): NI 9972
Extra connectors for 6-position connector modules (qty 10): NI 9973

Specifications Documents

Specifications Summary

Product Name NI 9219
Product Family Industrial I/O , Signal Conditioning
Form Factor CompactDAQ , CompactRIO , Ethernet , Wireless
Part Number 779781-02 , 779781-01
Operating System/Target Real-Time , Windows
Measurement Type Current , Resistance , Temperature , RTD , Strain/Bridge-based sensor , Thermocouple , Voltage
Isolation Type Ch-Ch Isolation
RoHS Compliant Yes
Signal Conditioning Current excitation , Cold-junction compensation , Bridge completion , Voltage excitation , 0-20 mA current input
Analog Input
Channels 4 , 0
Single-Ended Channels 0
Differential Channels 4
Resolution 24 bits
Sample Rate 100 S/s
Max Voltage 60 V
Maximum Voltage Range -60 V - 60 V
Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 243 mV
Minimum Voltage Range -0.125 V - 0.125 V
Minimum Voltage Range Accuracy 271 µV
Maximum Current Range -0.025 A - 0.025 A
Maximum Current Range Accuracy 152 µA
Simultaneous Sampling Yes
Excitation Voltage 2 V , 2.5 V
Bridge Configurations Half Bridge , Full Bridge , Quarter Bridge
Analog Output
Channels 0
Digital I/O
Bidirectional Channels 0
Input-Only Channels 0
Output-Only Channels 0
Counters 0
Physical Specifications
Length 9 cm
Width 2.3 cm
I/O Connector MINI-COMBICON, 3.81 mm (6-Position)
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature 70 °C
Minimum Storage Temperature -40 °C
Maximum Storage Temperature 85 °C
Triggers cDAQ Chassis No

NI 9219 Packages

To use the NI 9219 , you need all items in the diagram below. Select Option 1 if you already own a C Series System, or Option 2 if you do not already own a chassis, controller, or software.

Roll over the icons below to learn why you need each item in the system

C Series System

1 Connectivity Accessories

NI 9219




NI 9219 and Accessories Only
NI 9219
779781-01 Qty $ 1,076 each
779781-02 Qty $ 1,237 each
Required Accessories
Connectivity Accessories -
Qty $ 31 each
Optional Accessories
Connector Block
Qty $ 31 each
Connectivity Accessories
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 40 each
Qty $ 102 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each
Qty $ 30 each

Package Price: $ 1,107

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Select a Platform and Configure a System

Create a complete system with the NI 9219 and its accessories. However, the NI 9219 is compatible with multiple C Series Platforms, NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO. Please review the comparison information below and select a platform to begin configuring your system.

Configure System Configure System

NI CompactDAQ NI CompactRIO
Mixed-Measurement Data Acquisition

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Time-Critical Control & Monitoring

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Features NI CompactDAQ NI CompactRIO
USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Headless Operation Ethernet, Headless Operation
Up to -40 to 70 C
Up to 50 g shock and 5 grms operational vibration
Up to -40 to 70 C
Up to 50 g shock and 5 grms operational vibration
LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, C, C++, VB.NET, C#.NET LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, LabVIEW FPGA, C, C++
NI-DAQmx driver; configuration and troubleshooting tools; short time to first measurement NI-RIO driver; flexibility and customizabilty
PC-based data acquisition; embedded data-logging; portable and benchtop Single-point acquisition; closed-loop control; deterministic operation