NI sbRIO-9602/9602XT Embedded Devices with Digital I/O, 2M Gate FPGA

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  • 400 MHz processor, 256 MB nonvolatile storage, 128 MB DRAM for deterministic control and analysis
  • Integrated 2M gate reconfigurable I/O (RIO) FPGA for custom timing, inline processing, and control
  • 110 3.3 V (TTL compatible/5 V tolerant) DIO lines
  • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port and RS232 serial port, 19 to 30 VDC supply input
  • sbRIO-9602 features -20 to 55 °C operating temperature range, sbRIO-9602XT expands to -40 to 85 °C
  • OEM quantities only; contact NI for pricing
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NI sbRIO-9602/9602XT embedded control and acquisition devices integrate a real-time processor, a user-reconfigurable field-programmable gate array (FPGA), and I/O on a single printed circuit board (PCB). They feature a 400 MHz industrial processor, a 2M gate Xilinx Spartan FPGA, and 110 3.3 V (5 V tolerant/TTL compatible) digital I/O lines. They also have three connectors for expansion I/O using board-level NI C Series I/O modules. The sbRIO-9602 offers a -20 to 55 °C operating temperature range, while the sbRIO-9602XT provides an extended temperature range of -40 to 85 °C. Both models include a 19 to 30 VDC power supply input range, 128 MB of DRAM for embedded operation, and 256 MB of nonvolatile memory for storing programs and data logging.

These devices feature a built-in 10/100 Mbits/s Ethernet port you can use to conduct programmatic communication over the network and host built-in Web (HTTP) and file (FTP) servers. You can use the RS232 serial port to control peripheral devices.

The sbRIO-9602/9602XT devices are designed to be easily embedded in high-volume applications that require flexibility, reliability, and high performance. NI Single-Board RIO is sold only in OEM quantities. NI CompactRIO systems are ideal for low- to medium-volume applications and rapid prototyping.

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Specifications Documents

  • Data Sheet

Specifications Summary

Product Name sbRIO-9602
Product Family Board-level Embedded
Part Number 000000-00
Operating System/Target FPGA
LabVIEW RT Support Yes
Form Factor Single-Board RIO
RoHS Compliant Yes
Analog Input
Channels 0
Single-Ended Channels 0
Differential Channels 0
Analog Output
Channels 0
Digital I/O
Bidirectional Channels 110
Input-Only Channels 0
Output-Only Channels 0
Maximum Clock Rate 40 MHz
Supports Handshaking I/O? Yes
Supports Pattern I/O? Yes
Maximum Input Range 0 V - 5 V
Maximum Output Range 0 V - 3.3 V
Counters 110
Max Source Frequency 10 MHz
Minimum Input Pulse Width 100 ns
Resolution 64 bits
Reconfigurable FPGA
FPGA Spartan-3
Gates 2000000
Specific FPGA Spartan-3
Physical Specifications
Length 209 mm
Width 93 mm
Height 17 mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -20 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature 55 °C
Minimum Storage Temperature -40 °C
Maximum Storage Temperature 85 °C
This product is available in OEM quantities only. For more information about pricing, please contact your local NI representative.

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