Sound and Vibration Systems

  • Complete systems for NVH, acoustics and vibration, and machine condition monitoring
  • Expandable to 32 accelerometer/microphone channels
  • Up to 102 dB dynamic range and 51.2 kS/s simultaneous sampling rates
  • Mixed-measurement modules available

National Instruments sound and vibration systems provide a complete USB-based solution for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH); acoustics and vibration; and machine condition monitoring (MCM) applications. The two systems are each preconfigured for a specific channel count to meet the needs of most NVH and MCM applications. However, the systems are scalable from four to 32 mixed-measurement channels to accommodate measurement devices from accelerometers and microphones to strain gages and thermocouples.


Both NI USB systems come complete with easy-to-use software, the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite, which is the most comprehensive collection of NI analysis and signal processing tools for NVH and MCM. It contains analysis functions including octave analysis, spectral analysis, level measurements, swept sine, JTFA, order analysis, waterfall plots, order tracking, shaft centerline measurements, and Bode plots.


The NI USB systems feature from four to 32 accelerometer/microphone input channels. The accelerometer/microphone channels offer software-selectable IEPE signal conditioning, 24-bit resolution, 102 dB dynamic range, 51.2 kS/s maximum simultaneous sampling, and antialiasing filters. The systems also offer mixed-measurement capability for temperature, strain, voltage, and other process variables.

The NI USB systems are based on the NI CompactDAQ platform, which provides the plug-and-play simplicity of USB to sensor and electrical measurements on the benchtop, in the field, and on the production line. By combining the ease of use and low cost of a data logger with the performance and flexibility of modular instrumentation, NI CompactDAQ delivers fast and accurate measurements in a small, simple, and affordable system.