NI Global Navigation Satellite System Toolkits Custom GNSS Signal Generation

  • Support for GPS and GLONASS simulation; generate both simultaneously with 2 vector signal generators
  • Achieve automatic satellite simulation from almanac and ephemeris files
  • Define custom motion trajectories for mobile simulation
  • Adjust individual satellite power levels for scenario-specific test
  • Take advantage of manual control of satellite pseudorange, Doppler, and power-level information
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The NI GPS Simulation Toolkit and NI GLONASS Simulation Toolkit for NI LabVIEW software help you create simulated waveforms for use with NI RF signal generators to produce customized and repeatable receiver tests.

With the advanced API, you can create custom motion trajectories, adjust individual satellite power levels, and incorporate real-time feedback from the device under test into your test system.

Using the toolkits, you can stream a simulated signal as you create it with an NI vector signal generator as well as adjust signal characteristics during generation or create predefined scenario tests for up to 24 hours of repeatable test.

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780314-35GNSS Test Toolkit for GPS5 - 10$ 4,990.00
782822-35GNSS Test Toolkit for GLONASS5 - 10$ 4,990.00

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