VXI-PCIe-8361T, VXI-PCIe-8362T, VXI-ExpressCard8360T PCI Express and ExpressCard Remote Control for VXI

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  • Not recommended for new designs.
  • Complete control interface to VXI from PCI Express-based systems including laptops and PXI systems
  • NI-VXI/NI-VISA software for Windows
  • Up to 29 MB/s sustained throughput
  • 8 TTL backplane triggers and CLK10 available through front panel connectors
  • High-performance DMA transfers
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The VXI-MXI-Express remote controller for MXI-Express is a flexible, high-performance solution for stand-alone computer control of VXI systems. VXI-MXI-Express makes your computer perform as if it were plugged directly into the VXI backplane, giving your host computer the capability of an embedded computer. By using this controller with any PCI Express-based system, running Windows, you can choose from a wide variety of general-purpose desktop computers, laptops, or PXI host controllers. Systems equipped with this controller combine the high-bandwidth, low-latency MXI-Express interface with low-cost, general-purpose desktop computers or laptops to produce an attractive cost/performance solution compared with embedded VXI controllers. By using MXI as your control solution, you can upgrade your PC at any time to take advantage of the latest computer technology while using the same high-speed VXIbus interface.

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VXI-MXI-Express Products
780141-02VXI-PCIe8361T,MXIeTrigger Kit,w/ VPO Support,1Port PCIe,3m CableCall$ 7,399.00
780142-01VXI-PCIe-8362T, MXI-Express Trigger Kit, 2 Port PCIe, 3m CableCall$ 7,799.00
780144-01VXI-ExpressCard8360T MXI-Express Trigger Kit ExpressCard 3m CableCall$ 7,499.00
782002-01VXI-8360LT, VXI-MXI-Express LXI Trigger Board OnlyCall$ 7,549.00
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780143-01VXI-8360T, VXI-MXI-Express Trigger Board OnlyCall$ 6,549.00
779504-01NI PCIe-8361, 1 Port MXI-Express Interface5 - 10$ 658.00
779502-01NI PCIe-8362, 2 Port MXI-Express Interface12 - 20$ 1,043.00
779507-01NI ExpressCard-8360, ExpressCard MXI Interface12 - 20$ 823.00
780327-03VXI-8360T Trigger Cable, 3MCall$ 186.00
780327-07VXI-8360T Trigger Cable, 7MCall$ 288.00

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