NI SHB4X-B4X Shielded InfiniBand to InfiniBand Cable for NI 449x Devices

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  • 4X InfiniBand connectors
  • 8 analog input channels per cable
  • Each NI 449x device requires two 4X InfiniBand to InfiniBand cables
  • Compatibility with BNC-2144 rack-mount accessory
The National Instruments SHB4X-B4X shielded InfiniBand to InfiniBand cable is available in 1 m and 2 m lengths. NI 449x dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) devices use two 4X InfiniBand connectors, with each connector carrying eight analog input channels, AI0-7 and AI8-15. The 4X InfiniBand is widely used in high-performance computing applications because it provides excellent signal integrity with a shield plate between signal connection pairs, reducing crosstalk between inputs.

Rack-Mount BNC
The NI BNC-2144 signal connector accessory for NI 449x devices has 32 BNC jack inputs on the front and four 4X InfiniBand connectors on the rear for use with up to two NI 449x devices. You can mount it on a standard 19 in. rack for simple, direct connections to accelerometers and microphones.

Direct to BNC Connectivity
The NI SHB4X-8BNC shielded InfiniBand to BNC cable offers direct connectivity to NI 449x devices. Available in a two pack, each cable has a 4X InfiniBand connector on one end and eight BNC jack inputs on the other end. Individual BNCs are labeled for easy channel connectivity.

NI 449x Devices
NI 449x DSA devices offer 16 simultaneous 24-bit analog inputs per device and IEPE signal conditioning for precision measurements with microphones and accelerometers in high-channel-count systems, such as noise localization and structural vibration.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
197516-014x InfiniBand to 4x InfiniBand Cable, 1m, for NI 449x / BNC-21445 - 10$ 135.00
197516-024x InfiniBand to 4x InfiniBand Cable, 2m, for NI 449X / BNC-21445 - 10$ 135.00
NI 449x Devices
779747-01PXI-4498 - 24 Bit ADCs, 204.8 kS/s, 16 Input Simul, Anti-Aliasing Filters, TEDS 0.5 Hz, IEPECall$ 14,639.00
779748-01PXI-4496, 24-bit, 204.8 kS/s, 16 Input, 2 Gain,TEDS,AC-CoupledCall$ 10,646.00

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