NI BNC-2090A Shielded Rack-Mount BNC Connector Block

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  • 22 BNC connectors for analog I/O, analog and digital triggers, and clocks for synchronization
  • 29 spring terminals for digital I/O connectivity and 2 user-defined BNC connectors
  • Shielded, rack-mountable 1U adapter chassis
  • Compatibility with X Series, M Series, E Series, S Series, and B Series DAQ devices
  • Easily accessible space for custom signal conditioning circuitry
  • RoHS compliance
The NI BNC-2090A is a shielded, 1U, 19 in. rack-mountable connector block with 22 signal-labeled BNC connectors to simplify connections to I/O signals on NI data acquisition (DAQ) devices. The BNC-2090A is compatible with any 68-pin NI X Series (connectors 0 and 1), M Series (connectors 0 and 1), E Series, S Series, or B Series DAQ devices. It provides BNC connections to all analog I/O, analog and digital triggers, clocks for synchronization purposes, and two user-defined signals. Digital I/O signal connectivity is provided through 29 spring terminals. The BNC-2090A also includes easily accessible space where you can build custom signal conditioning circuitry such as lowpass filters, highpass filters, and voltage dividers (attenuators). A RoHS-compliant drop-in replacement for the BNC-2090, the BNC-2090A has 68-pin SCSI connectors on the front and back as options for connection to the DAQ device.

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NI BNC-2090A
779556-01BNC-2090A Rack-mountable accessory for 68-pin Multifunction DAQ1 - 3$ 539.00

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