NI PXIe-5122 100 MS/s, 14-Bit Oscilloscope/Digitizer

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  • 100 MS/s real-time, up to 2.0 GS/s equivalent-time sampling
  • 14-bit resolution on 2 simultaneously sampled channels
  • Ability to stream acquired data from both channels to disk at full 100 MS/s sample rate
  • 100 MHz analog bandwidth with noise and antialias filters
  • ±2 mV to ±100 V input ranges with TEGAM signal conditioning amplifier (see Resources tab)
  • Edge, window, hysteresis, video, and digital triggering
  • Deep onboard memory - 8 MB/ch standard, up to 256 MB/ch
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The NI PXIe-5122 high-resolution oscilloscope/digitizer is a x4 PXI Express module that can stream data at the full data rate of 400 MB/s to the PC memory, hard disk, or RAID 0 array of disks. This digitizer is ideal for applications such as signal intelligence, radar, and IF/RF data streaming. With its broad range of functionality, the NI PXIe-5122 oscilloscope/digitizer is also suited for automotive, communications, scientific research, military/aerospace, and consumer electronics applications. With the large dynamic range, software-selectable 50 Ω or 1 MΩ input, ranges from 200 mV to 20 V (100 V with TEGAM signal conditioning amplifier), and the ability to acquire more than 1 million waveforms in onboard memory, the NI PXIe-5122 is ideal for both time- and frequency-domain analysis. You can program more than 50 built-in measurement and analysis functions directly from the driver and expand them to more than 400 with NI LabVIEW and LabWindows™/CVI software.

The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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