NI Multisim

  • Easily design circuits with an intuitive schematic capture environment
  • Quickly gain insight into circuit behavior with interactive SPICE simulation
  • Understand fundamental design characteristics with advanced circuit analyses
  • Seamlessly integrate circuit design and virtual test with a single toolchain
  • Reduce prototype errors and time to market with an improved, integrated design process

National Instruments Multisim software combines intuitive capture with powerful simulation to quickly, easily, and efficiently design and validate circuits. With NI Multisim, you can immediately build a schematic with a comprehensive component library and emulate circuit behavior using the industry-standard SPICE simulator. With professional advanced SPICE analyses and virtual instrumentation, you can rapidly validate circuit designs earlier in the design flow, which can reduce prototype iterations. Integration with NI LabVIEW and LabVIEW SignalExpress software completes the design process with powerful techniques to compare real-world prototype measurements with simulated data.

Multisim is available in Base, Full, and Power Pro editions.