NI C68-C68-D4 Unshielded Single-Ended Cable for High-Speed Digital Devices

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  • Single-ended cable for NI 6536/7, NI 654x, and NI 655x digital instruments
  • Unshielded 50 Ω cable (68-pin VHDCI connector)
  • 1 m length
  • Connects to NI HSDIO single-ended accessories (CB-2162 and SMB-2163)
The National Instruments C68-C68-D4 low-cost, unshielded 50 Ω cable is impedance matched for use with NI high-speed digital I/O products. The cable is flexible and easily fits around custom test fixtures and other equipment.

Use the NI C68-C68-D4 cable to connect the 68-pin VHDCI connector on NI 6536/7, 654x, or 655x high-speed digital devices with other NI accessories such as the NI CB-2162 connector block or the NI SMB-2163 to break out cable signals for direct access.
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NI C68-C68-D4 Unshielded Singled-Ended Digital Cable
195949-01C68-C68-D4 Unshielded Cable, 2X68-Position VHDCI Offset, 1 m10 - 15$ 234.00
Single-Ended Cable Accessories
778592-01CB-2162 Single-ended Digital I/O Accessory10 - 15$ 416.00
778747-01SMB-2163 Single-Ended Digital I/O Accessory (Rack-Mountable)12 - 20$ 1,232.00
195846-01653x Cable Adapter, 68-pin D-Type to 68-pin VHDCI Adapter10 - 15$ 120.00
778914-01Connector, .8MM Champ, 68 Pos, VHDCI, Through Hole10 - 15$ 24.00

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