NI 653x Cable Adapter for 68-Pin VHDCI to 68-Pin SCSI Connector

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  • Changes mini 68-pin VHDCI to large 68-pin SCSI connector
  • Adapts NI 6533/4 fixturing to work with NI 6535/6/7, NI 654x, and NI 655x digital instruments
  • Removable hood to access terminals to connect PFI lines
  • Place on end of C68-C68-D4 or SHC68-C68-D4 cables to connect to SCSI connector accessories
The National Instruments 653x cable adapter was designed to help customers currently using NI 6533/4 digital devices with the large, 68-pin SCSI connector move to NI 6535/6/7, NI 654x, or NI 655x digital devices with the mini 68-pin VHDCI connector.

Place the NI 653x cable adapter on the end of the unshielded (C68-C68-D4) or shielded (SHC68-C68-D4) single-ended digital cables to connect to 68-pin SCSI connectors. The hood of the adapter unscrews to give you PFI line access to jumper terminals so you can wire the lines from one design to another without having to change software code.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI 653x Cable Adapter
195846-01653x Cable Adapter, 68-pin D-Type to 68-pin VHDCI Adapter10 - 15$ 134.00
NI Single-Ended High-Speed Digital Cables
196275-01SHC68-C68-D4 Shielded Single-Ended Cable, 1 m10 - 15$ 401.00
195949-01C68-C68-D4 Unshielded Cable, 2X68-Position VHDCI Offset, 1 m10 - 15$ 261.00

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