NI TPC-2012 12 in. LabVIEW Touch Panel Computer With Windows CE

  • 500 MHz processor running Windows CE
  • 256 MB DDR SDRAM and 128 MB CompactFlash with Windows CE installed
  • Communication ports - 1 Ethernet (10/100BASE-T), 2 Hi-Speed USB, 3 RS232, 1 RS232/485
  • LabVIEW Touch Panel Module certified; includes 1 Touch Panel Deployment License
  • 12.1 in. SVGA TFT LCD touch screen with NEMA4/IP65-compliant front panel
  • NI does not recommend the TPC-2012 for use in new designs - use the TPC-2212 instead
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The NI TPC-2012 touch panel computer provides a high-quality 12.1 in. TFT 800 x 600 LCD display and touch screen. The TPC-2012 runs Windows CE on a 500 MHz GX3 with 256 MB DDR SDRAM for feature-rich human machine interface (HMI) development with NI LabVIEW software. Windows CE is installed on a 125 MB CompactFlash card. This device offers NEMA4 and IP65 compliance for wash down or humid environments and is compatible with the LabVIEW Touch Panel Module.
The TPC-2012 uses shared variables for communication to LabVIEW Real-Time programmable automation controllers (PACs) and uses Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus ASCII for communication to third-party PACs and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The TPC-2012 offers serial ports, and the LabVIEW Touch Panel Module works with NI-VISA for RS232/485 communication to external serial devices.

Important Note: National Instruments recommends the NI TPC-2212 over the TPC-2012. The TPC-2212 provides increased processing capabilities, better LabVIEW integration, and an extended temperature range.

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NI TPC-2012
781093-01NI PS-15 Power Supply, 24 VDC, 5 A, 100-120/200-240 VAC Input1 - 2$ 242.00
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