NI SCXI-1195 Quad 4x1 RF Multiplexer Switch Module

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  • Quad 4x1 multiplexer configuration
  • 5 GHz bandwidth
  • Onboard relay counting
  • SMA direct connectivity
  • Excellent insertion loss, VSWR, and isolation specifications
  • 50 Ω characteristic impedance
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The National Instruments SCXI-1195 is a quad 4x1 high-frequency unterminated multiplexing switch capable of switching signals from DC to 5 GHz. The characteristic impedance of the channels on this module is 50 Ω. The NI SCXI-1195 has a maximum voltage rating of 30 Vrms with a maximum switching current of 500 mA. It is well suited for applications that require the routing of high-frequency signals inside automated test equipment (ATE) systems because it can switch signals with very low insertion loss. In addition, the excellent voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR) and isolation parameters make this module the perfect choice in any system geared towards high-frequency applications.

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Specifications Documents

  • Data Sheet

Specifications Summary

Product Family Switches
Form Factor SCXI
Part Number 776572-95
Operating System/Target Real-Time , Linux , Windows
LabVIEW RT Support Yes
Triggering Digital
Synchronization Bus (RTSI) Yes
External Clocking No
Length 19.8 cm
Width 17.3 cm
Height 3 cm
I/O Connector SMA female
Slot Two Module No
Module Width 1
MXI Compatible No
Product Name SCXI-1195
Switch Type Multiplexer , RF
Max Switching Voltage DC (Pollution Deg. 2) 30 VDC
Maximum Switching Voltage AC 30 Vrms
Max Switching Current 0.5 A
Maximum Carry Current 0.5 A
Maximum Switching Power 10 W
Bandwidth 5 GHz
Relay Type Electromechanical
Relay Count Tracking Yes
Voltage Category CAT I
Product Certifications C-Tick , FCC Part 15 , UL - Product Safety , CE , CAN/CSA , IEC
Path Resistance (Typical) 0.25 Ohm
Scan Rate 45 cycles/s
VSWR Ratio 1.1
VSWR Frequency 1 GHz
Isolation (Typical) 78 dB
Insertion Loss (Typical) 0.4 dB
Terminated No
Characteristic Impedance 50 Ohm
Multiplexer Config Wire Mode 1-wire
Multiplexer Config Banks 4
Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI SCXI-1195
776572-95NI SCXI-1195 5 GHz Quad 4 x 1 MultiplexerCall$ 4,887.00
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