NI L-2 Connectivity Kit Low-Leakage, Low-Thermal-EMF Connectivity Kit for DMMs

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  • Includes all components necessary to build a custom low-leakage, low-thermal-emf cable set
  • Termination options include banana plugs, double banana plugs, spade lugs, and ring lugs
  • Teflon-coated cable with two conductors, twisted and shielded, 22 AWG – 3 m length
  • Ideal for extremely sensitive current/voltage/resistance measurements
  • Suitable only for applications less than 60 VDC, 42 Vpk, or 30 Vrms
The National Instruments L-2 connectivity kit includes all of the components necessary to build a custom low-leakage, low-thermal-emf cable set. The cable is insulated by an outer layer of Teflon, and the interior of the cable consists of two conductors that are also insulated with Teflon. The two conductors are twisted and then encapsulated within a braided shield, making it therefore twisted and shielded. The connectors in the kit can be attached to the conductors and/or to the braided shield. A variety of termination options are included to match the connections in the test system. Use the NI L-2 kit with the NI PXI-4071 7 1/2-digit digital multimeter or the NI PXI-4022 guard and current amplifier module for the highest measurement quality in your system. The NI L-1 cable set is also available as an off-the-shelf cable solution terminated with double banana plugs and spade lugs.
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L-2 Connectivity Kit
779499-01Low-Leakage, Low-Thermal-EMF Connectivity Kit for Custom Cables (60V Max)12 - 20$ 241.00
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