Digital and Counter/Timer

  • Bidirectional 5 V/TTL
  • 24 V sourcing or sinking
  • Form A relays (SPST)
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • Up to 32 channels per module

National Instruments C Series digital modules for NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO work with multiple logic level types and have a variety of connector options for switches, encoders, and transducers. Each module is isolated up to 2,300 Vrms from the chassis backplane for operator and equipment safety.

The National Instruments cDAQ-9172 chassis has two 32-bit counter/timer chips built in that you can program with the NI-DAQmx API for quadrature encodure measurement, simple event counting, or pulse-train operations. Accessing the counter/timer chips requires a correlated digital module inserted into slot 5 or 6 of the NI cDAQ-9172.