C Series I/O Modules for NI CompactDAQ

  • More than 50 modules available
  • Built-in signal conditioning and isolation
  • Hot-swappable operation
  • Autoconfiguration in NI CompactDAQ chassis
  • Direct connectivity to common sensor types

C Series I/O modules are designed as self-contained measurement modules. All circuitry required for the specific measurement is contained in the module itself. All A/D and D/A conversion happens in the module before the data reaches the chassis.

You can use the majority of C Series I/O modules in both the NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO measurement platforms. The modules are identical, and you can move them from one platform to the other with no modification.

Please note that all modules have an extreme industrial rating for hazardous environments. Some of the module specifications exceed those of National Instruments CompactDAQ chassis, meaning the overall specifications of the system may be less than that of the individual components.

Because of the chassis design and the several simultaneous input modules, NI CompactDAQ system performance actually increases with the addition of most modules. For exact system performance, you can configure your desired system in the NI CompactDAQ Advisor. The advisor includes built-in performance calculations specified down to the number of channels in use.