NI Mobile Module Deployment Option

  • Communicate externally using Bluetooth, 802.11, SMS text messaging, IrDA, and serial protocols
  • Easily acquire data with NI CompactFlash and PCMCIA data acquisition cards
  • Design handheld digital multimeters and CAN controllers using NI PCMCIA cards
  • Compatible with Windows Mobile for Pocket PC
  • Target standard, industrial, and phone-capable PDAs
NI is simplifying its software portfolio by transitioning Developer Suite users to application-focused software suites. Learn more about migrating your Developer Suite configuration to an NI software suite.
Add the NI Mobile Module Deployment Option to the NI Developer Suite Core Package to get the LabVIEW Mobile Module for developing handheld device applications. The LabVIEW Mobile Module automatically compiles VIs to run on small, portable devices and downloads the completed application to the device. NI delivers tools for user-defined, portable solutions for a wide spectrum of applications, such as field test systems, remote control and monitoring systems, and portable data acquisition systems.

The LabVIEW Mobile Module, compatible with several NI data acquisition devices, is ideal for building handheld measurement systems for applications ranging from automotive service to field diagnostics to physiological monitoring.

The NI Mobile Module Deployment Option requires the NI Developer Suite Core Package and includes:
LabVIEW Mobile Module for Windows Mobile
NI-DAQmx Base

No part number and pricing information available for NI Mobile Module Deployment Option.