• Isolation for general-purpose counter/timer signals
  • 0 to 48 VDC range on inputs and outputs
  • 400 kHz maximum frequency
  • Reverse and overvoltage protection (±60 V max continuous)
  • Short-circuit protection on outputs with automatic recovery
  • Consider PCI/PXI-6624 for applications requiring additional counter/timer channels

Counter/timer conditioning modules for the National Instruments SCC platform provide isolation, increased I/O range, and short-circuit protection for applications such as frequency measurement, event counting, and quadrature encoder readings. Consider using NI PCI/PXI-6624 for applications that require higher number of counter/timer channels. The NI PCI-6624 offers eight 32-bit counter/timers with channel-to-channel isolation for input and output signals up to 48 VDC.