High-Speed Digital I/O Devices

  • Programmable voltage levels (-2.0 to 7 V), 5 V TTL/CMOS, or LVDS
  • 400 Mb/s maximum data rates in double-data-rate mode with 200 MHz maximum clock
  • 128 Mb/channel maximum onboard memory (256 MB total)
  • Phase shifting of acquired data, generated data, and exported sample clock
  • Superior integration with LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, C/C++, and Measurement Studio
  • NI Digital Waveform Editor for creating, importing, and editing digital waveforms

National Instruments offers a variety of high-speed digital instruments for applications ranging from interfacing and device simulation to complex stimulus-response tests. The NI 6561 and NI 6562 high-speed digital waveform generator/analyzers feature maximum clock rates of 100 MHz and 200 MHz, respectively. Using double-data-rate (DDR) technology, you can generate and acquire data on a per-channel basis at 200 Mb/s or 400 Mb/s, respectively.

The NI 655x and NI 654x digital devices have maximum clock rates of 100 MHz. They are compatible with numerous logic families for flexible test systems. With NI 655x devices, you can programmatically select voltage levels from -2.0 to 5.5 V with 10 mV resolution. NI 655x devices offer several ATE features, which includes per-cycle, per-channel bidirectional control and real-time hardware comparison of expected data with the acquired response data.

NI 653x pattern and handshaking devices have maximum clock rates of 20 MHz with 5 V TTL/CMOS levels. You can use all National Instruments high-speed digital devices alone or with other measurement devices to build high-channel-count, high-performance digital or mixed-signal systems.