NI LabVIEW DSP Module -- for NI SPEEDY-33 and TI DSKs Graphical Programming for Rapid DSP Application Development

  • This product is EOL. If you are current on your service contract, contact NI for support.
  • Hundreds of built-in DSP functions for faster development
  • Express VIs facilitate easier development and shorter time to market
  • Need to have LabVIEW Full or Professional Development Systems
  • Support for three DSP targets provides final implementation choices
  • Implementation of digital filters designed using the LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit
  • Stand-alone application development capability
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With the National Instruments LabVIEW DSP Module, you can graphically program several real-time DSP boards. Based on NI LabVIEW, an industry-standard tool for design, measurement, and control, the interactive, easy-to-use nature of the NI LabVIEW DSP Module helps you easily build applications quickly, even if you are not familiar with DSP. The LabVIEW DSP Module comes with an extensive library of signal processing algorithms to help design, test, and prototype your application. The LabVIEW DSP Module also works with multiple DSP targets to provide a choice of hardware for final implementation. The LabVIEW DSP Module supports only three DSP targets -- NI SPEEDY-33 and the Texas Instruments TMS320C6711 and TMS320C6713 DSKs. The LabVIEW DSP Module does not work with any other DSP target even if it uses the same DSP chip as any of the supported targets.

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