Electronics Workbench Educational Software

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  • The de facto standard in electronics education
  • Multisim, the world’s most widely used SPICE simulator
  • Unique, interactive simulation that brings electronics to life in classroom or lab
  • Education-specific functionality that greatly enhances teaching effectiveness
  • Across-the-curriculum product portfolio with broadest range of support materials
  • Proven effectiveness at all levels of the education system

Electronics Workbench software is used widely in electrical engineering and electronics technology departments around the globe.

Using simulation in the classroom and lab greatly enhances teaching effectiveness as students gain true comprehension of electronics theory through demonstrations and experiments with “live” and interactive circuits. Electronics Workbench is the only vendor with products including education-specific features – critical functionality with which you can create and deliver rich and exciting curriculum.

Electronics Workbench products are designed to be extremely easy to use so students can focus on learning electronics, not mastering complicated and confusing software. With a fully customizable GUI, instructors can effectively design their own user interfaces to match the course content, their students’ abilities, and their own teaching styles. While ease of use is critical, Electronics Workbench products are based on standards-compliant technology and contain all the functionality and power needed to easily teach even the most advanced courses.

To speak to an Electronics Workbench specialist in North America, call (800) 263-5552, or to find a local number outside of North America, visit the Electronics Workbench contact link below.