PXI-4071 PXI Digital Multimeter (DMM) 7½-Digit PXI Digital Multimeter (DMM) and 1000 V Digitizer

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  • Not recommended for new designs. NI recommends the PXIe-4081.
  • Voltage measurements from ±10 nV to 1000 VDC (700 VAC)
  • 8 DC current ranges with sensitivity down to 1 pA
  • Resistance measurements from 10 µΩ to 5 GΩ
  • ±500 VDC/Vrms common-mode isolation
  • 1.8 MS/s isolated, 1000 V waveform acquisition
  • Configure Complete PXI System
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The PXI-4071 is a 7½-digit FlexDMM, which is a high-performance, 3U PXI digital multimeter (DMM) that provides the measurement capability found in two common test instruments: a high-resolution DMM and a digitizer. As a DMM, the PXI-4071 delivers fast, accurate voltage measurements from ±10 nV to 1000 V, current measurements from ±1 pA to 3 A, and resistance measurements from 10 µΩ to 5 GΩ. It also takes frequency/period and diode measurements. In the high-voltage, isolated digitizer mode, the PXI-4071 can acquire waveforms at sample rates up to 1.8 MS/s. Using the analysis functions in LabVIEW, you can analyze these waveforms in both the time and frequency domains. The PXI-4071 offers the superior speed, accuracy, and functionality necessary on both the production floor and in R&D.

Integration With PXI Switches
Use the PXI-4071 DMM with PXI switches to form a multichannel, high-voltage DAQ system. You can combine the PXI-2584 12-channel, 600 V multiplexer with the PXI-4071 DMM to test fuel cells or battery stacks at up to 500 VDC common-mode isolation. The PXI-2527 64-channel, 300 V multiplexer offers a higher channel count solution for lower-voltage, high-accuracy measurements. To see more switch configurations, refer to “PXI Switches” under the Resources tab.

Improve Measurements With Amplifier Accessory
The PXI-4022 is an accessory module consisting of a high-speed, high-precision amplifier that conditions signals for acquisition by a PXI DMM. With the guarding functionality, you can make 6-wire resistance measurements for resistors connected in parallel on complex PCBs. For low-current measurements, the PXI-4022 amplifier and high-precision resistors create a feedback current amplifier. This minimizes burden voltages and converts current to voltage, so you can measure picoampere signals with femtoampere noise. To learn more about how to combine this module with a PXI DMM, see “PXI-4022 Guard and Current Amplifier” under the Resources tab.

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