Up to 400 Mb/s LVDS Digital Instruments

  • 400 Mb/s maximum data rate in double data rate mode (per channel)
  • 200 MHz maximum clock rate
  • Compatible with LVDS, M-LVDS, and LVDM interfaces
  • 16 channels per module with per-channel direction control in single data rate mode
  • 2, 16, or 128 Mb/channel onboard memory
  • Synchronization and Memory Core (SMC) device

The NI 6562 and NI 6561 are 400 and 200 Mb/s digital waveform generator/analyzers, respectively, for interfacing to LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) digital electronics. These modules feature 200 and 100 MHz clock rates, respectively, single and double data rate modes, 16 channels with per-channel direction control (in single data rate mode), and deep onboard memory with triggering and pattern sequencing.

You can use the modules with the NI Digital Waveform Editor, an interactive software tool for creating, editing, and importing digital test vectors. With the SMC architecture, you can create mixed-signal test systems with digitizers, arbitrary waveform generators, and other digital instruments, or you can synchronize multiple digital devices to build low-skew, high-channel-count test systems.