NI TestStand Development System

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  • Ready-to-run, customizable test executive
  • Adapters for calling tests written in any language or format
  • Interactive development environment for building test sequences
  • High-speed parallel test sequence execution
  • Customizable XML, HTML, ASCII, and ATML reports and database logging
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NI TestStand is a ready-to-run test management environment for organizing, controlling, and executing your automated prototype, validation, or manufacturing test systems. It is completely customizable, so you can modify and enhance it to meet your specific needs, including customizing the operator interface, generating custom reports, and modifying sequence execution requirements. Built on a high-speed, multithreaded execution engine, NI TestStand delivers the performance to meet your most rigorous test throughput requirements. Using NI TestStand, you can focus your engineering efforts on more important tasks, such as creating a test strategy for your products and developing test programs that implement your strategy, while NI TestStand handles the sequencing, execution, and reporting tasks for you.

The NI TestStand Development System includes one year of free membership in the Standard Service Program (SSP) to help you make the most of your software investment. With an SSP membership, you can capitalize on the latest NI software technology through automatic upgrades and reduce your application development time with unlimited access to on-demand online training courses and an elevated level of technical support from NI applications engineers through phone and email.

You can also purchase NI TestStand through the NI Developer Suite Automated Test Option. NI Developer Suite includes a bundle of the most popular NI software products along with an SSP subscription. Twice a year, you receive a new set of CDs with the most recent software version for each product in the suite.

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Development System

- 777777-35

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Development System

NI TestStand Development System for Windows - 777777-35

Standard Service (SSP) - Secure future technical support and software upgrades now.

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